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To the rescue…

This happened to some friends of ours (in their words).. They're awesome..

"So a couple weeks ago when it was a "monsoon" in Arizona, [my husband] and I were driving to Jason's Deli for lunch when we spotted them. These two guys were slowly walking in the downpour with 6 HUGE suitcases. We felt so bad; so we stopped and asked if they needed a ride. At first they thought we were kidding, and just laughed and said sarcastically, "Yeah, thanks!". But we reassured them that we weren't and they should hop in before they caught pneumonia.

"Apparently, three cars had already driven by and laughed at them. Isn't that awful!! (That would NEVER happen in TEXAS) We got to talking and found out that they were here for Spring Training for the Mariners. They had flown in from Ohio and were anxiously awaiting to start practice. We promised to look for them the next time we went to a game!"