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Heroes of Tucson Shooting: ‘Something Had to Be Done’

A 74-year-old retired Army colonel decided to tackle the Tucson gunman after watching him shoot a little girl...

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A Companion to the Forgotten


Pei Wei Worker

We went to Pei Wei the other day for dinner and it was super busy. They didn't have any tables so we decided to get it to go. Our two boys were there (ages 5 and 2). They were being pretty good, but after a while you could tell they were getting antsy. They brought out our food, and the guy threw in a couple of cookies for the boys. They were so happy! Props to that guy.


Lori’s hands still reach out and help

Sarah LaFave was a freshman in high school in 2003 when her mother, Lori, died of breast cancer.

But Sarah learned so much from her mother's example.

Her mom was the kind of person who was constantly serving others, even when she was going through chemotherapy, says Sarah, 21, now a senior at the University of Delaware. She's from Voorheesville, N.Y...

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100,000 Babies and Counting

Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (CNN) -- Several times a week, a 74-year-old grandmother drives into the murder capital of the world to help keep a sanctuary for its citizens alive.....

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